Strange Loop and Elm Conf 2016 Review

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Here’s a quick conference review and some highlight bullets from some of my favorite parts. It was my first time going to Strange Loop. It was also host to the first Elm Conf ever. I was excited to go to both. I was looking for new, eclectic content to consider. I was not disappointed.

strange loop and elm-conf

Handle Errors in a Node App

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As with any software, here you can expect the unexpected. Node apps experience errors as well. Let’s say that an error crops in our Node API – what should we do about it?


Return an Array in GraphQL

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GraphQL provides a query language to define the shape of data you’d like returned from an HTTP API on a server and a library to help make it happen. It’s easy to return a single item or multiple items.


Testing Es2015 Riot Tags

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Getting riot.js setup for development isn’t too bad. But the combo of language features, testing tools, and riot templates made setting up the test environment a bit trickier than I expected. Here are some of the details.

riot tag testing

Depending on a Shared Lib

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You build a product. Someone else builds a shared lib. You want to use the shared lib in your app for its apparent utility. There come new features that the product team wants to adjust and add to your product. The shared lib provides utility that is related to these new features but does not provide these new features per se.

a shared lib

React-dnd With Text Drag Preview

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react-dnd is a fantastic library for implementing drag and drop features in a React application. In browsers, you have the ability to specify a drag preview for the thing your dragging. Images are easy. Text takes more work – because you need to generate an image.

react-dnd text drag previews

Make Your Project Fun

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You work every day. It’s a part of life. It’s a good part of life, and you have the power to make it better. Ever since you were young child, you knew what the magic ingredient was: fun!


Change Default NPM License

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Npm has a fantastic init tool for creating the descriptor for your project. It will gladly provide defaults for you. These are sometimes helpful. Wouldn’t it be more better to define your own defaults?


Selecting a Directory in Electron

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Electron will help you make some sweet native desktop apps using web tech. Now that you’re on the desktop, one of the cool things you can do is access the filesystem. There are a couple ways to access the filesystem via the file open dialog using user input events.


Determining the Health of Your Culture

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Culture will emerge after a group of people attempt to solve problems again and again in a certain way. This “way” becomes the culture. If you are deliberate in your choices on how to solve problems, you will be deliberate in creating a culture. Once you have a culture in mind and are working toward it or trying to maintain it, how do you determine how healthy it is? Clay Christensen has a simple question you can ask yourself.

Healthy culture