Update Body Class in React

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React gives us a great component abstraction. Each of these components represents a node in the DOM. Each component is self contained, doesn’t talk up the component hierarchy directly and passes explicit data and code down the hierarchy. But what about when you have a React app that wants to reach out and modify something it doesn’t control?

react modify body tag

In Favor of Codenames

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It seems to be a recurring discussion in the companies I have worked for: should we use a codename for this project or not? These are software projects. The codenames are used on things as basic as the repository name or slack channel. Later, they might be used in many other project-related things like the build server configuration. The alternative for a codename is calling the thing exactly what it is. Where’s the fun in that?

project codenames

React Rally Review

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React Rally is a developer conference created around the library of React.js and the community that uses it. It was the first of its name. It was the first React-centric conference in Salt Lake City. I had a great time. Here are a few of reasons I liked it.

react rally

I Love CSS Modules

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I heard a fantastic yesterday by Glen Maddern where Interoperable CSS was well-illustrated as the fantastic CSS language advancement that it is. I was happy to hear hushed ooo’s and ahh’s from the audience as they realized the power of what they were seeing. I have been enjoying the benefits of CSS modules myself and my team and would share some of my favorite features in hopes that others will be inclined to use this feature as well. Cleanse the world of global stylesheets!

i love css modules

Make Software in the Estuary

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An estuary is where the sea meets the river. Here, there is a mix of fresh water and salt water, sediment from the rivers and marine life from the sea. The effects of both sea and river are seen in many ways. It’s a swirl – there’s no upstream or downstream. It’s considered to be one of the most nutrient-rich, productive ecosystems on the planet. So really, who wouldn’t want to make software in an estuary?

the software estuary

This Isn’t Your Magnum Opus

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Sometimes it seems like we feel everything we produce must be our magnum opus – not just great work, but the great work of our career. Somehow we end up thinking that this thing we’re working on is the final act, the thing that will dwarf all our previous work. The thing that won’t – in fact, shouldn’t – be toppable. We tell ourselves that we’ll forever be judged by this one artifact. Is that the case? Probably not.

a magnum opus in the making

A Vision Questing We Will Go

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Do you ever get home and not remember what you did for the whole day at work? You were always on the move. You were always doing something for someone. Obviously you were a much-valued member of the team to have so much required of you. So then why can’t you remember what you actually did? And if you can’t remember that, surely you can’t remember why you were doing it!

the vision quest

Animating a Line in D3

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You can make some awesome charts in D3. Animate your charts, and they’re made even awesomerer. To animate lines, such as those found in line charts, try out the following methods.

d3 line animation

Slack Survival Guide

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Slack is a fantastic tool. It allows always-on group chat in this spirit of Hipchat or Campfire or your friends’ group text thread that just won’t end. You can create channels, public or private, to suit your purpose. You can gather communities together to talk about specific things. Slack can become an invaluable source of communication and information for you and your teams. Without a bit of management and care, however, it can become a burden that distracts you from the essence of your work.


Using JavaScript’s Function Bind

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JavaScript’s Function object has a very helpful method, bind. It is a great tool to give you control of the ever-squirrely this keyword. Have you ever had trouble predicting what this will be or making equate to what you want? bind will help you do that with more power and consistency. It can also help you with partial function application.

function bind